The New Jersey teenager who is suing her parents for school tuition and money to cover her legal fees, among other things, has elected to return home. 

Rachel Canning, 18, moved out of her parents' home in Lincoln Park, N.J. last fall, claiming that they had abused her. However, her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning, say that their daughter was prone to rebellion, refusing to follow their rules. This includes excessive partying and drinking, dating a boy they did not approve of and harassing her siblings. 

Though Canning's lawyer attempted to argue that his client had been cast out by her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning said their daughter ran away to live with a friend, thus liberating herself of their guardianship. 

After hearing a voicemail that Rachel Canning left her mother saying she wanted to "s*** all over [her] face," a judge ruled that the Cannings were not responsible for providing their daughter with the $600 per week that she requested.

Despite the madness, the Cannings have always maintained that their daughter could return home if she'd like to—as long as she is willing to abide by their rules. Though Rachel Canning seems to have chosen this path, their attorney, Angelo Sarno, said the case is still pending. 

"She’s home. Respect it. Let’s not figure out what the motivation was," he told

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