Lady Gaga's new music video for "G.U.Y." has everything you'd expect from a GAGA video: Money, The Man, butts, plastic capes, a relentless search to match all sexual positions to it's corresponding dance position. But something popped up even more unexpected. Why we know Gaga get's down on some Minecraft in her free time the new video has a scene where she and Minecraft YouTube personality Sky Does Minecraft use the game to resurrect Jesus, Ganhi, and Michael Jackson. Yep, you read that right. Now I'm not suggesting anything as rash as watching an entire Lady Gaga video (Skip to 5:20 for the Minecraft bits) but she does aim to please the masses.


Carrying on this heavy-handed theme of art – we get it Gaga, you've been to the Discovery Time Square, she also appears as Nathan Sawaya's Lego scultpure Yellow. But I'm certainly not one to judge, knowing so little about art, I've never even let anyone vomit on me.



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