Watch Lady Gaga Get Puked on During Her SXSW Performance by "Vomit Painter" Millie Brown

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Lady Gaga made a debut SXSW performance to remember last night, as she graced the Doritos #BoldStage for a sort-of intimate show. It was highlighted by the 27-year-old pop star getting puked on not once, but twice. Her accomplice in the act was "vomit painter" Millie Brown, who has worked with Gaga in the past, most notably on her Monster Ball Tour film.

While Lady Gaga was rocking out on the drums during her performance of "Swine," Brown walked over and puked green liquid on her chest. Later, they jumped on a mechanical bull together and carried out the same act, this time Brown puking black liquid on the singer. Looks like that apron wasn't too effective, Gaga.

Below you can find a short clip of Gaga performing "Jewels N' Drugs" with Twista. Vomit-free, we promise. Evidently there weren't enough jewels and drugs though to share with song collaborators T.I. and Too $hort, who weren't present for the performance.

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