Zachary Wigon gets it"it" being the way technology can manipulate relationships, the way it distorts how we communicate with each other, the way it twists our sense of self. His debut feature film, The Heart Machine, an expanded version of the short he made a couple years ago called Someone Else's Heart, follows a man who begins to suspect that his online girlfriend, who claims she's in Berlin, actually lives in the same city as him. Essentially, it's perfect for the world right now.

Wigon impressively maintains the key air of mystery so clutch in the film through simply allowing the camera to linger and the characters' faces to tell the story. None of his directions feel forced or contrived. Rather, the camera serves as a window to peek into a man's unraveling world. Because of this, The Heart Machine stays with you, forcing you to think about the film's implications days after seeing it. Tara Aquino