After the extreme let-down early last year that was Alien: Colonial Marines many fans of the movies figured that no game company would touch another seemingly cursed video game tie-in. Lucky for gamers, developer Creative Assembly (CA) was working on a very different angle to the Alien story. Revealed last year, Alien: Isolation is a survival horror game in which – just like the first film – a player is pitted against a single, intelligent and terrifying xenomorph.

In a new behind-the-scenes video developers talk about just how the alien will hunt you. “When audiences went to see alien back in 1979 they were introduced to a new creature that is terrifying, unstoppable and totally unique” say creative lead Al Hope,“we wanted to make a game that recaptured that original experience. We wanted to make the alien scary again.”


One of the ways CA is going to make Alien scary again is by developing an advanced AI for the monster. “It [the alien] doesn't follow any prescribed paths or set of behaviors that tell it to do specific things,” says designer Gary Napper, “it's just reacting to the player's presence and the choices the player makes.”

Alien: Isolation will land somewhere between sci-fi shooter and survival horror in an environment that's completely to film scale. The player will be trying to avoid – at all costs – coming in contact with the killing machine. While there will be weapons for players to fight back Al Hope explains that “even if you find a gun, your first thought is going to be 'if I fire this, will the alien hear it?'”

Check the links below for more details and keep it locked to Complex for upcoming release info for the “late 2014” title.