Microsoft has today given a hard date for the next update to the Xbox One console. Tuesday February 11, will see a fine-tuning of the console's dashboard, improved Kinect voice commands and introduce the ability to manage storage. Check out the screenshot above of the new – but nearly the same – layout.

"Just as we did with Xbox 360, Xbox One will have regular updates to deliver new features and platform experiences designed to delight you," Microsoft executive Marc Whitten wrote in a blog post. "On February 11, the first update will be delivered to customers who sign into their Xbox One.”

"It features many new improvements - including lots of behind-the-scenes updates for developers building apps and games for Xbox One, several new features we believe Xbox fans will love, stability and product updates to improve the customer experience, and continuous improvements to the quality of Kinect voice so commands become more fluid and responsive over time.”

This is the just the first update Microsoft has planed the next it already set for March 4, “to prepare your Xbox One for Titanfall” and offer new improvements. Chief of which is a “new party and multiplayer system.” Microsoft is beginning to close the gap – at least when these updates go live – to resolving some basic, but nagging issues with the Xbox One. Check out this big list of things the Xbox One needs to fix right now.

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[Via Xbox Newswire]