The movie you’ve secretly wanted since 1996 could soon be upon us. According to Deadline, Charlie Ebersol, son of legendary sports producer Dick Ebersol, has struck a deal to produce a sequel to Space Jam at Warner Bros., which will be based off a script by his brother, Willie Ebersol. If the movie ever sees the light of day, it will star LeBron James, who will take the place of the MVP of the original, Michael Jordan. Apparently only the best player in the world can be chosen to ball against a bunch of cartoon monsters on a green screen court.

There is no word on the plot of the movie, but does that really matter? As long as King James, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and the Tasmanian Devil hit the hardwood together, ‘90s kids everywhere should be just giddy. Hopefully R. Kelly is up to the task of pumping out another theme for the movie. 

UPDATE: Actually, not so fast...

[via Deadline]