One of the great paradoxes of the Internet is that while it is a space for the exchange of opinions and perspectives, it is also a space where people with backwards and even offensive beliefs seek out like-minded jerks. The sexism in some corners of the Internet is astonishing. Whether it is coming from a community of armchair politicking Tea Partiers or “friend-zoned” basement dwelling nerds, sexism on the web is casual, brutal, and pervasive.

Only you can prevent shitty sexism on the Internet. And while we aren't asking you to go start a feminist blog (Lord knows there are already enough), it would be a good thing not to encourage misogyny. Here's a tip, women don't often want to have sex with people who claim to hate their gender. Even a mere two line joke with Willy Wonka's face in the middle can strengthen the patriarchy and lengthen your sexual drought. Before you share that "hilarious" meme, ask yourself if it is like these 10 Sexist Memes We Should Probably Stop Using.

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