A Maryland man claims that he's adhered to a strict diet of only pizza for the past quarter of a century. 

TODAY reports that Dan Jannsen, 38, has eaten nothing but pizza every single day for the last 25 years. Not a breakfast person, he said he devors a whole pie for lunch and dinner. Every day. When people learn about his diet, their reactions are evenly divided. 

"They either want to kill me, or they think I'm a hero," he confessed. Though Jannsen thinks he's a rare bird, he doesn't advise anyone to follow his path. "I think I'm an anomaly,'' he elaborated. "I don't advocate this. I've been surprised at how polarizing this is."

There's a reason Jannsen has elected to live his life this way: 

Janssen, the founder of artisanal woodshop Imperium Woodcraft in Ellicott City, Md., was raised on a meat-and-potatoes diet but became a vegetarian for ethical reasons when he was 14 years old.

However, when he realized that he wasn't fond of vegetables, he turned to pizza. He admits that eats a bowl of Raisin Bran one a week "to be healthy," and that his diet has allowed him to save money. But naturally, there are concerns about his health. He was diagnosed with diabetes, but this was long before the pizza diet began, as it runs in his family. Aside from that, he hasn't experienced any other complications. 

"I'm sure when I'm 60 I'll drop dead of a heart attack, but right now I am fine," he said. Until then, he's living life one pizza at a time.

[via TODAY]