Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle will receive a limited boxed copy release in North America, Namco-Bandai announced today. Fans will be able to get a physical copy of the game, based on the long-running and infinitely surreal manga of the same name, exclusively through either Amazon or Club Namco itself – though since the game's localization process has taken some time, developer CyberConnect2 are including a new arcade mode for the game's US release. Not too shabby, considering that Jojo already has over 40 fighters to play with.

It was surprising enough to hear that Namco was localizing Jojo in the first place – the game will also be available in the West as a digital download on PSN – the last adaptation that came stateside was Capcom's 2D fighter Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for the PS One in 1999, which received a depressingly stripped-down port for the Dreamcast, followed by another for HD consoles in 2012. All-Star Battle hits Western PS3s this Spring.

Via Polygon