Briefly infamous in 2007, Michael Crook was one of the worst trolls the Internet has ever known. A vicious web personality who was known for creating websites like and, Crook essentially made it his goal to piss off and embarrass anyone he could. On ForsakeTheTroops, Crook stated that American soldiers in Iraq deserved to die because of their willingness to enlist, went on to refer to them as "pukes" and "scumbags." Clearly, it takes one to know one. Even worse, on craigslist-pervert, Crook would set up a fake rendezvous with any interested strangers, or ask them to trade pictures and information. When he received the information, Crook would post it on craigslist-pervert, and embarrass any involved parties. Though he was never punished for his harassment and behavior, Crook certainly deserved any public shame he received as a result.