Developer Gearbox is ringing in your sultry Valentine's Day with a brand new Borderlands 2 headhunter dubbed Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre.

Gamers already know Moxxi is a bit she has a few screws loose in the head that is and she'll have players in on her devious schemes. On February 11, the new tiny bite-sized chocolate DLC will drop for your playing pleasure for $2.99.

The story revisits the original campaign theme of the Borderlands 2 feud between the Hodunk and Zaford families. This time around however a Goliath from each family will soon be married and Moxxi has Vault Hunters scouring the wastes for the right ingredients to make a love potion to ensure the marriage takes.

The Headhunter series has been holiday themed so far. With creepy version of Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and now Valentine's Day each represented. I can only imagine what's in store for Easter. Borderlands 2 is still going strong and was recently announced to be publisher 2K's best selling game ever.

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[Via IGN]