Zach King has amassed a following on Vine thanks to his optical illusions and editing skills.

While people have hit Vine stardom for skits, or splicing together commentary with popular YouTube videos, King has gone the extra mile to use his six seconds to create magic, or the closest thing you can get to it with on a smartphone. From turning Rubik's cubes into candy, turning goldfish crackers into real goldfish, eating cereal with a spoon without using his hands—King is seriously a wizard when it comes to editing and using his environment to create these illusions. Don't believe us? Even he dubs himself the Final Cut King," which is also the name of his Final Cut tutorial website. 

“I started my website in 2008 during Christmas break [after] I had been searching for online video tutorials for Final Cut,” King said. “Since there was no place to find good quality tutorials, I decided to fill that need and post free tutorials online. Now my site has become a larger resource for filmmakers around the world and I'm excited because the videos and the website are getting hundreds of thousands of hits a month and it's continuing to grow.”

 Check out this mashup of his best Vines. 

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[via FarlyTeem]