Beats Music, the streaming service created by the popular headphone makers, launched last week. Aside from the occasional glitching, it has received great reviews, positioning itself to become one of the best streaming apps on the market this year. And apparently, Spotify sees them as a threat.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek called Beats Music “a competitor,” so they’re doing everything possible to make sure they don’t lose valuable customers to the new service. Case and point: their trolling of Beats on Twitter. Whoever was running Spotify’s account this past week was searching keywords “Beats Music," responding to users who were upset with Beats’ constant glitching.

Spotify isn’t the only service that has taken an aggressive approach since Beats arrived on the scene. Rdio published blog posts describing all of their available free features in hopes of capitalizing on Beats Music’s lack of free options. And Pandora launched personalized station recommendations right after Beats Music launch.

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[via Mashable]