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Hewlett Packard, known as the world's largest PC maker, is getting ready to roll out its first smartphone next week, insiders say.

The smartphone is said to resemble a Samsung Galaxy Note with a 5.5 inch or 6.5 inch screen and will be based on Android software, but will be slimmed down in terms of specs to get it to a $200 price point. HP wants it's first foray into smartphones to be aimed at the prepaid consumer, hence the price. HP has already experimented with cost-cutting measures with its Android based Slate computers, and kept the price low by releasing them with 720p screens—this could be in line with their smartphone, as well. The sources say that the launch could be next week, pending any unforeseen delays, but they have no word if it will be available directly from the company's website or in retailers like Best Buy or AT&T.

[via Tech Week Europe]