In a scene you might catch on Justified, two Florida men led authorities on a five-hour canoe chase before authorities employed a motorboat. Superior technology always wins in the long run. 

The suspects, Gainesville native Garrett Eure and Fort Pierce resident Jessie Bryantboth 23were hiding in a safe house with Eure's girlfriend. Eure and Bryant were wanted on charges of battery by strangulation and armed burglary. After learning that they were within reach of the law's long arm, they decided to flee—in a canoe.

After pursuing them on foot and with K9s, authorities used the motorboat to apprehend Eure and Bryant on the Withlacoochee River. At least they can brag about evading law enforcement for hours. Considering Bryant's high self-esteem, that's believable. 

"The nicer looking one, Bryant, told me, 'I hope you got my good side'" photographer Russell Williams said as the two men were being escorted away by police. At least he had a sense of humor about his demise.

[via Gawker]