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Evolve, the recently announced multiplayer game from the developers of the original Left 4 Dead is already up for pre-order. Go check out the trailer, err I mean look at the screen shoots, um. Yep that's right, we literally know next to nothing about Turtle Rock's latest game, with no trailers, no screenshots and only its reputation to go on – which is pretty stellar after all – gamers can now pre-order the multiplayer monster killer Evolve.

Publisher 2K Games will be putting out the next-gen console and PC game this fall but anyone who pre-orders now will receive the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes a Savage Goliath skin and a new monster character to be revealed after launch. So knowing next to nothing about this game why would a gamer pre-order? This is in preparation for Game Informer's blowout coverage of Evolve in February's issue. Check out the sneak peek below for some over-the-shoulder monster action.

Evolve is a four-versus-one mutliplayer battle where four hunters of various classes hunt down a monster first-person shooter style. While the single player controlling the monster must survive and evolve through rounds of play in the third-person. The mix of viewpoints and the fresh 4 vs. 1 play style makes Evolve already a stand out.

For pre-order info and some elusive hints about what's in store head over the Evolve's homepage.

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