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Call of Duty: Ghosts will be dropping their first DLC component come January 28.

Aside from four new maps and a new weapon, the DLC will allow players to bury an axe into the competition as Halloween's Michael Myers.

 (Yup, that's more like it.)

Fog is the first of the new map pack. The map acts as one massive "homage to classic horror films". Creepy cabins, a lake that's %95 human blood, and the titular fog will all make an appearance. In order to unlock Myers, you will need to complete a special Field Order. You will be transformed into Myers, the Halloween theme music will play letting players know of the change, and you will be given an axe to take out other players.

The three other maps: Bayview, Containment, and Ignition don't offer any cameos from classic horror movies, but we're assuming that omission was intentional.

Bayview is for up-close and personal combat, Containment, um, contains a truck leaking radioactive waste, and Ignition takes place in a facsimile of Florida's Cape Canaveral. 

And lastly, Extinction is the first of four episodic chapters of DLC. Expect aliens.

Onslaught drops January 28.

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