Every so often, a new craze sweeps the Interwebz and nobody really knows where it originated and why it happened. A few years ago, planking became the biggest Internet fad at the time, but then slowly died out and got corny because of all the other different variations (See: Teapotting, Owling, and Batmaning).

2014 kicked off with the #And1SelfieLeague. Having really nothing to do with the shoe company, the #And1SelfieLeague began as people taking extreme bathroom mirror selfies and sure enough, it took off. Here are easily the best extreme selfies we’ve run across that will surely have you in stitches. Here we crown The 35 Most Epic #And1SelfieLeague Photos.

Anthony Osei (@ILLIONAIRE) is the creator of the popular Tumblr, Thirstiest Men of Instagram. You definitely want to check it out.

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