For a season that series creator Ryan Murphy told EW "everybody thought...would be our lowest-rated season because it would be so specific," American Horror Story: Coven really killed it in the ratings during its finale this past Wednesday.

According to EW, the season three finale of AHS pulled in an impressive 4.2 million viewers during its first live airing on Wednesday night, then managed to pull in another 1.6 million during the replay that same night, bringing its total to 5.8 million viewers. Not bad at all, especially when compared to previous seasons: Last year's AHSAsylum finale pulled in only 2.3 million viewers during its first airing, and Murder House pulled in 3.2 million. Just call it the Stevie Nicks effect?

FX has, of course, already renewed AHS for a fourth season, that Murphy has been very secretive about—but he has stated it will take place the '50s, and "Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent." Hints were also peppered throughout the final episodes of Coven, so if you've got an eagle eye and DVR, some episodes might be worth a rewatch...

[via EW]