The original 1996 released of Tomb Raider that was a mega-hit on the first PlayStation console has dropped for iOS mobile devices later today.

The game that introduced Lara Croft and began a franchise – even a movie - and most recently capped with the excellent reboot will jump and roll its way into the iTunes store later tonight at 11 PM ET for 99 cents. It will be available for iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

While the on-screen controls look a little demanding and take up a whole lot of real estate, we've yet to get our hands on it. This would be an excellent example of when you should own a gamepad for your iPhone. While the original Tomb Raider was a hit only with later games improvements did gamers realize just how wonky the controls were; hopefully these have been beefed up for the mobile launch. But for a buck you can hardly go wrong.

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[Via TouchArcade]