All that holiday cheer leave you missing some of the deep, brutal, moral-debasing humanity of the hit Tomb Raider reboot last year? Break out the tissues and judgment for this incredibly brutal Croft fan film.

One of the best things about Tomb Raider was watching Lara overcome ridiculous odds and survive the masses of big strong killers trying to get you. This video isn't all sadness but good god it leans that way. The comic lack of ammunition results in the wonderfully creative use of stick combat.

Filmmakers CanCinema put this gem together that really captures the feeling of the harsh world of the new Tomb Raider.

Earlier this year publisher Square Enix announced it will release a next-gen port dubbed Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition set for released in January 28. As well as the expected ramp-up in visuals it will also includes multiplayer content and lots of DLC goodies included.

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