The most highly-coveted job in America has been filled. 

The Denver Post has found its marijuana editor, hiring Ricardo Baca, who previously covered music and entertainment for the publication. In his new role, Baca will be tasked with managing a website following all things marijuana-related in the state, which is kind of like a big deal considering that legal sales will begin on Jan. 1. In an interview with the Post, Baca answered the burning questions everyone wants answered. 

On whether or not he smokes: 

The short answer: I’ve covered concerts for a living over the last 15 years. That means hanging out with musicians, working with people in the industry, attending music festivals in Austin and the Coachella valley and New York and L.A. So yes. And though I’ve never been a full-on stoner, I’ve shared concerts and conversations and late-night sessions at the bar, and had Twitter wars with thousands of them. The long answer: I will share all of my experiences with pot and its culture, soon, in the pages of The Denver Post and And you don’t need to be a heroin addict to write in-depth stories about heroin, its history, its science, its culture and its effects on people. I am absolutely expected to be entrenched in the community I’m covering, but of course that doesn’t mean I’ll be stoned all the time.

On what's unique about the Post's weed initiative:

High Times was founded nearly four decades ago! And a few of our competitors locally have amped up their news coverage to complement their criticism and features work. But no other media outlet in the state has the strength in numbers and reach of The Post. My colleagues who first approached me about this job told me that I will have access to reporters throughout the newsroom, and the entire staff knows that this is our biggest initiative for the coming year. Best of all, the staff wants to be involved because we’re all professional journalists and this behemoth of a story is the real deal.

On whether or not they're hiring a weed critic (the question everyone really cares about):

We are absolutely hiring a freelance pot critic. And a freelance pot advice columnist. And a freelance video game writer. What we’re doing here is covering cannabis culture and news from a professional, journalistic and critical point of view. If you think you have something to offer: rbaca(at)

Missy Miller, senior vice president of human resources for the paper, said that the standard drug and alcohol policy applies to the position, but noted that if you do happen to smoke "in the course of covering it for your job," the Post trusts that you will do so responsibly. 

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