The teaser trailer for Reset plays like something out of a Jim Jarmarusch film. In a rainy, seemingly deserted scifi city, a bulky robot, with very deliberate pacing, seems to ponder its atmosphere. At times staring off into the blinking distance of a revolving set of electronic billboards; at others its peering in first-person at the lighted carcasses of what appear to be abandoned vehicles; pervasive is a preoccupation with moving large metal crates. All of it is rendered in impressively gloomy visuals.

While this may not give you an idea of what Reset is actually about - the video description says it's a scifi noir mystery with puzzle solving, while the game's indiegogo campaign explains the puzzle solving involves working together with your past self to solve co-op problems – it certainly is intriguing.

With a little under two days left until its campaign runs out, the game needs a little help getting to the finish line, with about €42,000 of its €65,000 goal met (or around $57400 out of $88,800). From the looks of it, the Finnish developer, Theory Interactive, is a very small team (Reset is their first game), so hopefully they have a backup in place in case the Indiegogo goal isn't met.

If you're interested in contributing to Reset's campaign, which ends December 23rd just before midnight, you can do so here. In the meantime, enjoy this trailer.

Via Youtube