Overcranked is a new Complex TV series that takes some action—doing yoga, painting, putting out a fire—that you've seen before and slows it all the way down, word to DJ Screw. It's a celebration of human form and movement, with beautiful women in dynamic and impressively shot slow motion scenes. Armed with a Phantom Miro camera, which can shoot up to 1500 frames per second, director Rik Cordero captures what you've never seen before.

As 2013 draws to a close, Overcranked is pulling out all the stops and getting into what you really want: ass kicking. In this episode, Nikki Delventhal gets to work, ducking and weaving like a real MMA fighter. And then she delivers a kick you'll feel in your own jaw. All slowed down so you can see every detail, of course. Protect your neck.