According to officials, electronic cigarettes have become a runaway hit with inmates at the Gage County Detention Center in Beatrice, Neb. Earlier in the month, the facility began selling them to a number of former smokers who no longer have to worry about the struggle of quitting cigs altogether following years of burning through two-packs-a-day:

The jail canteen purchased 100 “Fling Mini”-brand disposable e-cigarettes for about $2.55 each and is selling them to the jail’s roughly two dozen inmates for $7 a pop — almost a 300% mark-up. The jail has already unloaded half of them.

Let Jail Director Lieutenant Anthony Shepardson tell it, this is all good because it's "giving money back to the county." In 2007, Gage County banned smoking on county property, and the Wall Street Journal says it's considering a ban on e-cigs.

If vapors are eventually banned, expect an uprising. Or, more likely, just a lot of bitching.

[via Wall Street Journal]