There’s a lot of jerks out there in the world, but some places just seem to have a naturally higher concentration of them, like MTV or any high school ever. Some are maintained and even run by the biggest offenders, causing you to take a breath and steel yourself before encountering them during your own daily errands. 

These hornets nests’ of douchebaggery can’t all be statistical anomalies. While some vocations may just attract the world’s rat bastards, like used car salesmen and pirates, many will take a pure, kindhearted soul and gradually devolve them into a miserable A-hole. Whether it’s the job itself, via environment, function, or general aura of bitchiness, some jobs can transform any Anakin Skywalker into a stone-cold Darth Vader. Avoid these careers if you don’t want to become an A-hole (if isn’t already too late.)