In all walks of life it pays to have connections. If you want a job, it helps to know someone who already works there. Like to go out to eat? Befriend the maître d. And if you’re a style connoisseur, you better know someone on the inside: a retail employee.

Retail sales associates may be seen as the annoying pest that won’t let you shop in peace, and only view you as future commission dollars. This may be true, but if style is what you pride yourself in, the retail associate can be your right-hand man—offering you unreleased product, the last $120 sweater on sale for $9.99 that collects dust out back, or the coveted employee discount.

But do you shop all the time and are angered that you never get discounts? Or you receive awful scowls when you enter your favorite retail establishment? There’s a chance that you’re doing it all wrong. Still, there might be hope yet, first you have to know what you're doing wrong. Here are the 10 Ways to Piss Off a Retail Employee.