Hey console gamers, if you don't game on your PC or Mac then you probably don't know exactly what Steam or Valve is. But you've surely seen the gaming darling online in their massive sales and critical acclaim for such games as the Half-Life and the Portal series. But after quickly redefining gaming as we new it back in 1998 with the original Half-Life Valve starting looking deep into the future of gaming where Steam, the game delivery service, is finally coming into its own. Here's what you need to know and why Steam is going to be a part of your gaming life.

To understand what Steam is, lets take a quick look at Valve and its eccentric founder, Gabe Newell. Newell dropped out of Harvard to join the fledgling Microsoft Corporation and produced the first three version of Microsoft's Windows. Windows revolutionized PC computing and caused Microsoft to become to unstoppable Juggernaut of on the 1990s. But after making millions Newell jumped ship with fellow designer Mike Harrington to found Valve and used their Windows cash to make Half-Life.

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