The next couple of years will be extremely busy for Elizabeth Olsen as she makes her mark in the blockbuster realm with two consecutive summer tentpoles: a new remake of Godzilla and 2015's Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron—both of which co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson. In Godzilla she'll play his wife (his role is still shrouded in secrecy) and in Avengers his sister, in the first live iteration of The Scarlet Witch. Obviously at this stage there's only so much she can say on both films, but she did give some interesting comments on both during a recent chat with Ain't It Cool News.

On Godzilla: It’s Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s film, but the ensemble, we all are somehow connected to Aaron’s character. He’s the root, and I play his wife and I'm the person who holds down the San Francisco prospective of it all. I’m a nurse and I work trying take care of this chaos. Godzilla is just so deserving of a good American remake, and I really hope we did it and I really feel like we did.

And on being the first actress to portray the Scarlet Witch: I never read these comics before, not Scarlet Witch. She's nuts, she's crazy. She has more things wrong with her than any character I've ever played. She can tell you where an object has been, she can tell you what your future is, she can connect with the dead and people from other universes, and she's the only person in this universe who's capable of doing that. She's unbelievable; it's so cool. I grew up loving Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and anything that has this other type of world or universe to it is so fun.

Let's all pray that she's right about director Gareth Edwards and co. delivering the perfect Godzilla movie. Read her full chat with Ain't It Cool, where she also talks about her experience working on Oldboy, here.

[via Ain'tItCoolNews]