Attention, idiot criminals: Here's yet another reminder that the law is watching you.

Depree Johnson, already a suspect in a string of burglaries in and around Boynton Beach, Fla., has been hit with 142 charges after posting several incriminating photos on Instagram. The duce22certified account (which appears to have been deleted this morning) also featured images of others posing with the standard drugs, money and guns. To balance things out, there was the occasional picture of a dog, though it appears to be named "Choppa."

Following an investigation that spanned months, Johnson was arrested at his Lake Worth home. According to WPBF, authorities found "numerous pieces of jewelry ... (including) watches, charms, necklaces and loose diamonds, as well as two stolen firearms" inside of the home. In addition, officials say they found $250,000 worth of firearms, jewelry and electronics. 

Among the most serious charges Johnson faces are possession of weapons and ammunition by a convicted felon. Bold and tragically honest, Johnson is quite open about his career—when police asked what his job was, he told them "Thief." No shame.

[via WPBF]