If you ever get kicked out of a bar, don't come back. Either take your ass to another bar (if they'll serve you), or take it home. Whatever you do, definitely don't return to the bar and start tossing Molotov cocktails around, otherwise you'll end up like Christopher Colosimo—or worse.

The 42-year-old was arrested early Monday morning after being thrown out of Cagney's Saloon in Davie, Fla. According to the Sun Sentinel, the Fort Lauderdale native returned, armed with beer bottles filled with gasoline, hurling them at the bar's owner. Neither he, nor any pedestrians were injured, but the sidewalk was damaged.

Police soon arrived, but Colosimo wouldn't go down without a fight, a fight he clearly lost, judging by his face. He reportedly kicked a dent in a police car and punched an officer, which will always result in a beatdown. That earned him charges for battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, and corruption by threat against a public servant to go with his arson charges.

[via Sun Sentinel]

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