When you're away at college, outside of food and laundry, you'll probably hit up ol' mom for some money every so often. Will it always work? Well, that depends. If you're Reddit user BitcoinPitcher2, it's all in the delivery.

BitcoinPitcher stood outside of ESPN College Gameday this weekend for the Auburn University Iron Bowl, which placed the Auburn Tigers against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Reddit user quickly got attention for holding up a sign that read "Hi Mom Send Bitcoin," along with a QR code and Bitcoin logo. Once the sign got some airtime on the network, other Bitcoin enthusiasts took note, then answered the call by sending BitcoinPitcher cash to the tune of 22.9 Bitcoins, which equals $24,000. Holy shit. So, how did that work? By scanning the QR code which was located on the sign, Bitcoin owners were directed to BitcoinPitcher's online wallet, and they were able to deposit money straight from there. But BitcoinPitcher won't be using the funds to pay off loans or to buy cases of Bud Light like so many college students—instead, he's sending the money to a Bitcoin charity (yes they have those) called Sean's Outpost, which uses Bitcoin to help the homeless in Pensacola, Florida. 

If you look above, you can see our dude's wallet number (which is under the Address category), and the number of Bitcoins he has received on the right. Bitcoin lets users remain anonymous while letting certain transaction info remain public. Here are some reactions from some Redditors who were watching BitcoinPitcher's wallet blow up:

Overall, an awesome plan that awesomely worked. It just sucks that BitcoinPitcher said he would pay taxes on everything he got. But, as he says, he wants to make sure the IRS doesn't "PWN" him.