A few weeks after the U.S. government had to pay $50 million for making illegal copies of logistic software, one soldier leaked a photo of the pirated copy of Windows 7 that is installed on a computer at his Army base.

The soldier, who remained anonymous, took the photo of his computer at his Army base in Qatar, which he claims has 18 computers that are using the pirated software. “All of the computers in this computer lab show that the operating system is not a genuine copy,” the soldier told Torrent Freak

“I am not anti-government in any way, but I have been in the army a long time and I feel the army should be kept honest and accountable for what they do, especially when it is so public and a hot button issue in these times,” the solider continued.

The government and Microsoft signed a $600 million deal to get Windows 8 installed on Army computers earlier this year, so no telling why this base is stuck with Windows 7. At least it's not Windows XP.

[via Torrent Freak]