If the Internet's influence on culture was ever in doubt, 2013 was the year that was all put to rest. From healthcare, cats, political sexts, and selfies with world leaders, the web and some of the year's most important events were seamlessly tied together. We opened up 2013 will a presidential inauguration, saw a pope retire for the first time in almost a thousand years, and toward the end, we had Batkid take over all of San Francisco for a day. It was quite a year, so why not take a look back using the language of the Internet. That's right. Here is 2013: The Year in GIFs.

Get the tissues ready. (Press play.)


Miguel dropped his leg on top of someone's face...


... while Drake dropped Nothing Was the Same.


We learned Seth Rogen and James Franco's love for each other is more beautiful than Kanye and Kim's.


Jay Z released Magna Carta Holy Grail, and taught us how not to go about making an album.


The Harlem Shake died a slow death.


Eli was typical Eli.


The New York Knicks failed to click.


Some guys just have it all...


...while others only daydream.


Mad Men returned and left as soon as it came.


Terrio saved Vine.


 Obama got ready for this second term in style.


While Beyoncé lip-synced at the inauguration.


Edward Snowden kissed America good-bye by orchestrating the biggest leak of information in history.


Boston brought a bomber to justice.


'Bron and Co. went back-to-back.


Miley was on her worst behavior.


 Daft Punk and Pharrell had the song of the summer—and he still hasn't aged.


 Rob Ford brought crack back.


Twitter erupted the moment this happened.


While Aaron Hernandez could've used Zimmerman's attorney.


Nobody has the answers, Kanye...


Jaden Smith invented a whole new philosophy only he can understand.


We said farewell to Walter White and Breaking Bad.


Bey showed the music world the meaning of "all eyes on me" by dropping a surprise album at the stroke of midnight.


BatKid saved the Bay.


We lost a familiar face.


The world lost a hero. 


A future king was born.


 And we upgraded our pope.

SEE YOU IN 2014!