Misinformation flows on the Internet just as freely as cat photos and sexist memes. Just when Snopes.com and other anti-hoax sites set their sights on one rumor, three new ones sprout up in its place. Even the smartest among us are taken in by clever pranks from time to time. There's no shame in it—it's impossible to verify all of the information flung at you from the farthest reaches of the Internet. What we’ll never understand, however, is how the same hoaxes resurface again and again. Just when you thought everyone you know has already been take in by the Back to the Future hoax, someone else falls victim to the same old tricks. There are some hoaxes that just might live eternally, plaguing new generations of web browsers for years to come. We’re not sure if we can stop people from believing them, but we can keep trying to fight the good fight. Here are 15 Internet Hoaxes People Can’t Stop Falling For.