The fact that Sony and the PS4 drop a week earlier than the Xbox One, hasn't stopped Microsoft from thinking outside the box when in it comes to marketing. 

The above image allegedly shows off the world's first Xbox One, accidently shipped to Auckland, New Zealand, meant to be sold on the open market. Too bad that's not even close to being true. Due to multiple shipping errors through Target and Amazon, about 150 people all over the world have already gotten their Xbox Ones early.

But, fuck it, sharks circling a locked, airtight cube with an Xbox One trapped inside is good copy. According the Auckland, New Zealand news story,

"The sharks will guard their treasure for a week, giving the public time to come and view the device before it's official release."

"The sharks' fearsome appearance is equal to their reputation, with the seven-gill shark famous for pack hunting. They are able to single-handedly take down 350 kilogram fur seals, and out-swim dolphins and kingfish."

Has video game marketing finally...jumped the shark? (Sorry, not sorry)

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