Deep Silver has announced that its dark survival game, Metro: Last Light will be included in with the eagerly anticipated Steam Machine Beta prototypes shipping out soon.

The recent announcement that Last Light was Linux ready paved the way for its reveal on the Steam Machines using the Linux-based SteamOS.

Its nice to see that not only will Steam Machine users be testing some of the smaller resource-heavy games available on Steam but also the triple-A big guns as well.

Steam announced the Steam Machines, small Linux-based PCs that would integrate seamlessly with its streaming game service, Steam, and your TV in a triple unveiling in September. SteamOS is the new, free and completely open operating system that will drive the console – if we can venture to call it a console. Check out our full coverage of Valve’s reveal and what it means to your gaming future here.

Metro: Last Light is a creepy survival game where players aren’t fed a big back story but thrust right into the middle of a deadly survival situation with no option but to keep pushing and fighting their way out. Peep the full review here.

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[Via Destructoid]