Location: Ruston, La.
Lamest rule: No alcohol in dorm rooms
Punishable vices: Sex, alcohol
Reason to compromise: Designated space grant college

When people think of Louisiana, they imagine humid nights and inebriated women trying to entice men with their womanly wiles in exchange for colorful beads. They think Girls Gone Wild antics caught on tape after Mardi Gras or spring break. They think red-hot New Orleans-style jazz that inspires Hurricane-guzzling which leads to projectile vomiting on the streets. But not at Louisiana Tech University. The "bible belt" university shares many of the fun-halting elements of most awful party schools: no conversations about sexual health, an intense conservative Christian background, militant curfews enforced on dorms, and no booze in rooms to boot. Everything needed for an awesome, semi-naked kegger near the Southern city of sin? Not going to happen here. Keep it moving.