That kid up there, he's the future. Not because he's a child and children are the future (have you ever hung out with a human child? They're monstrous). He's the future because he's Ender, the hero of Ender's Game, in theaters now. Orson Scott Card's creation, when the novel was originally published in 1985, presaged the coming of many things, drones and blogging among them. But what looked and sounded strange in 1985 doesn't always stay that way.

Wild futuristic visions are the best part of sci-fi movies. Galactic empires, teleportation, alien co-habitation: these are the fantasies that keep us coming back. (That and the trenchant social commentary, amirite?!) We watch science fiction for the same breed of escapism that we get from the dragons of fantasy and the vampires of horror.

Unlike these other escapist genres, sometimes what was once sci-fi fantasy becomes everyday reality. There have been a number of times that science-fiction films have successfully predicted the future. Impossible inventions have become commonplace. Seemingly unthinking problems have become serious issues. Ideas that seemed like crazy became real. Here are 25 Ways Sci-FI Movies Have Accurately Predicted the Future.

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