David Blaine's Real or Magic was just about all anyone was talking about last night (at least, until Sons of Anarchy aired), and only half because of the magic tricks Blaine was pulling off on screen. The bigger reason was the pretty hilarious reactions of the celebrities he was doing the magic tricks with, which included Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, Katy Perry, and the generally skeptical Ricky Gervais. Well—considering how much he freaked out when Blaine did his "knife through arm" trick, we're not sure how much of a skeptic he is this morning. 

From Gervais' exclamations of "seriously David, this isn't a trick, you're just sticking a needle through your arm!" to his yelling "you're a maniac!" and "what are you doing?!" over and over, it's simply great television. You can check out the clip above.

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[via Uproxx]