Air date: 5/23/2010

Apparently, the wounds that the Lost finale visited upon some fans are still fresh. The occasion of the Breaking Bad finale was enough to prompt fans to go after Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse one more time for not giving them the finale they wanted.

In his thorough review of the finale, Alan Sepinwall gave a nice breakdown of the notoriously mixed reception of the Lost's last episode. He said, "If you were on board with Darlton's thesis that this was a show about character first and foremost...then I suspect you loved 'The End.' If, on the other hand, you cared more about the mysteries than the people in it...then I image you found 'The End' to be quite maddening."

Whatever end of the spectrum you fall on, you have to admit that Lost's writers had an unenviable task with the finale. Some shows have trouble giving fans closure on one central question. Lost was a show that introduced more questions than any other show, and as a result was doomed to disappoint no matter how the finale was built.