And just like that, Walter White is gone.

Well, not exactly "just like that," since, "Felina," the series finale of AMC's Breaking Bad was the most talked about thing in the world over the entire weekend. Longtime fans who've been watching creator Vince Gilligan's dark, twisty exploration of one man's descent into darkness crowded around their TVs last night in unified somberness, dreading having to say goodbye to Mr. White, Jesse Pinkman, and that ever-elusive Ricin cigarette; curious newbies, hoping to successfully navigate their way around the nearest watercolors this morning, tuned in and watched without any contextual knowledge—to them, tons of people died, though no tears were shed, but for the former sect, hankies were used.

But not across the board. Coming off the mind-blowing highs of "Ozymandias," the emotionally devastating Breaking Bad episode from two weeks back, many fans were expecting the series finale to somehow top that hour's literal and figurative destruction—people wanted their minds to get blown one last time. The reality, however, is that Gilligan (who wrote and directed last night's episode, "Felina") decided to send Walter White out in a blaze of fan-servicing, a neatly packaged denouement in which all loose ends (save for Huell's current situation, sadly) were tied up.

How did the always candid Twitter community react? For better or for worse, the responses weren't nearly as predictable as "Felina."

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