Samsung has recently flooded airwaves with commercials for their new smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. It's shiny, colorful, and pretty sluggish, and is still managing to sell quite a few units.

Yet, there is another smartwatch on the market that might not have the same name recognition as the Galaxy Gear, or the color screen, but certainly has far better reviews: it's the Pebble watch, and it's available on Amazon for the first time, right now. It can connect it to Android and iOS devices, and you can pick it up in black, red, orange, grey, or white, for $148.99 (it's oddly on sale for a $1 off.) Pebble doesn't have a color screen and doesn't take pictures, but because of this, it's able to last for days on a single charge, when the Galaxy Gear lasts for just about a day. Just recently, an update for Pebble brought integration with the iPhone's Notification Center in iOS 7, and the device can now display alerts from apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The timing of the Amazon listing is perfect: Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world, and for a company like Pebble, which got its start on Kickstarter a little over a year and a half ago, the number of customers the site can help it reach is extremely valuable. Best Buy and AT&T have been the biggest retailers of the smartwatch so far, but if you're still feeling a little stuffed from all of that Thanksgiving dinner and want a new toy to play with, making use of Amazon's delivery service will save you from getting up off the couch for another few days. 

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