LoveRoom, a bizarre cross between OkCupid and Airbnb, launched last week, and is essentially a dating site masquerading as a housing aid. The site aims to help people find places to live for free, but it's only available to people who the community decides are "attractive enough" to use it. 

There's even a message that makes the site's ambition's 100 percent clear:

A platform where single people from all around the world can rent their living space to others under one condition: they need to be attractive.

At least it's honest. Still, the site does offer useful advice regarding what to do if you have concerns about living with a total random. Some of it is obvious ("do some research on the person"), while other information is puzzling and actually quite useless ("make sure your host is a hottie"). Seriously?

Anyway, LoveRoom does try to make compatible pairings by asking people if they prefer carpets or hardwood floors and showers as opposed to tubs, but it seems too much like every social media network thrown into a pot with Craigslist while the world (or the Internet, in this case) sits back and waits for conflict to happen. 

It's basically like what The Real World has become.

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[via PSFK]