Who: Sammy Hagar
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The onetime Van Halen vocalist and singer of the immortal fast car anthem, 1984's "I Can't Drive 55," was also an early entrant in the musicians-making-spirits sweepstakes; his Cabo Wabo tequila made its debut back in 1996. Sammy divested his interest in Cabo Wabo a few years ago (coincidentally or not, just as it went from being a lousy tequila to a pretty good one). But in 2011, he returned to the game with Sammy's Beach Bar Rum, an unaged silver rum made from Hawaiian sugarcane juice as opposed to molasses, from which most rums are distilled. Beach Bar Rum is said to have the spicy, untamed flavor of a cachaça (a Brazilian sugarcane-based spirit) combined with the sweetness of a rum. It gives a nice (if somewhat odd) kick to cocktails from fruity tiki drinks, to rum and coke.