If you've been one of the people holding out for a phone that's neither made by Apple or Samsung, Motorola's Moto X phone would have been a decent choice, if you were an AT&T subscriber. 

The Moto X was advertised at the phone you can design yourself, except the software that let you design it, Moto Maker, was exclusive to AT&T. Now, it seems that the next customers in line for some design will be those from Sprint. Newly leaked documents reveal that Motorola is planning to open up its Moto Maker website to Sprint customers on Nov. 11, which would let them choose between almost 2,000 different design combinations for their phone. Customers will be able to choose the phone's backplate, front, and accent colors. Without Moto Maker, customers could only choose between black and white models, which, I could imagine, was a big disappointment for those who saw ads from the company that said "Designed by you.  Assembled in the USA." There's still no saying when Verizon and T-Mobile users will get to use Moto Maker (honestly, why wouldn't this open to ALL customers the first day?), but the phone's price was recently cut by half to $99 with a contract, so if you're still on the market, check it out. And if you're a Verizon or T-Mobile customer, pick up some stickers while you're at it.

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[via Gigaom]

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