How many times have you said "fuck" today? What about your friends? Or your family members? How about everyone in your city? 

The f-bomb is our go-to word for when things are going wrong (or in some cases, really right), and people around the world use it pretty damn often. How do I know for sure?, that's how. It's a website set up by Martin Gingras, a junior at Carleton University, that shows f-bombs being dropped around the world by collecting tweets that contain the word "fuck." Whenever it catches one of those tweets, an animated bomb will fall where that tweet came from, and a sign will rise in its place, indicating the site of an exploded f-bomb. You can even click on the sign to see what the tweet said, like this one dropped near Tucson:

There's no surprise, though, that the majority of "fucks" dropped come from English speaking countries. But when you break it down by American coasts, it looks like the East has got the West beat.

[via NY Post]