In the event that your sex life ever needs a little spicing up, here's a friendly word of advice: You should probably stay away from the Eden Motel in Taiwan. Apparently, the establishment specializes in some interesting themes for their rooms, which aren't even rented by the night, but instead by the hour. Thanks to the Huffington Post, we've all been blessed with these images of their signature Batman room, which comes complete with a hot tub, bat-signal-shaped television, bat-signal-shaped headboard, bat-signal-shaped overhead light, bat-mobile couch, get the idea. And check out that insane wall decal!

If you're, y'know, into that—though even Bruce Wayne himself would probably be creeped out by this whole set-up—the room costs about $50 for three hours. It's not clear whether or not wearing a batsuit is mandatory.

The rest of the hotel isn't much better—they also have an Alcatraz-themed room, complete with a jail cell (kinky?), and a London-themed room for all you anglophiles. But the Batman room is the most cringe-worthy, so that's the one you can check out pictures of above. Any takers?

[via Huffington Post]