It’s no secret that cats are the masters of the Internet. But what is it that makes them so cool? And why do we love seeing these mysterious felines plastered all over our screens in cute video clips and funny memes? Cats are the kings of going viral, and some aren't so happy with their new found fame (cough, Grumpy Cat.) So, are cats evil or entertaining? Probably both.

This week, we're exploring the many faces of the cat on Vine, the six-second video network. There are cute cats, cool cats, shy cats, mean cats, smart cats—there's a whole variety of cat personalities out there. In defense cats, if this were a dog Vine list, the options would probably fall into two categories: cute dogs or dogs people trained to get them beer. Enjoy your weekly fill of cats and don’t be surprised if you start turning into a cat person. Don't get fleas.

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